About Our Team

Our company is built around the design skills of Don Barlow and Daniel Knudson. Don worked for ELB Architect from 2002 until 2005. After which, he went to work for JIBarlow Engineering until 2010 when he started on his own, designing award winning homes. Meanwhile his High School friend, Daniel Knudson, got his start drawing homes for a local construction company. He then worked with FFKR Architects on the design of the City Creek Center in Salt Lake City and then went on to freelance drafting. Constantly working together, the two learned new 3D modeling software and completed thousands of projects all over the US & Canada, ranging from small cabins to multi-million dollar homes.


Joan Barlow

Owner / Accountant

don jpg

Don Barlow

Home Designer - 3D CAD Draftsman


Daniel Knudson

Home Designer - 3D CAD Draftsman

Savannah Adams