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Additional Services:

We offer many additional services such as Landscaping Design, Interior Fly-through Renderings, Energy Analysis, CAD Conversions. We can also quote Structural Engineering through our partner company. 

Completion of the "For Construction Set":

Your payment of the final 1/3 is due upon completion of the For Construction Set. (Everything in your Project Scope)


Because of our "low overhead" policy and our quick process, we are able to produce superior house plans at a fraction of the cost. We try to keep the pricing simple and straight forward. We charge $0.50 / Sq. Ft. for Living Area and $0.25 / Sq. Ft. for Garage or Covered Exterior. If you prefer a fixed fee, we can calculate an approximate at the beginning of the project and give you a fixed fee. This includes everything you see in our sample jobs on the next tab. Some locations, such as Nevada or California, require more drawings and we can quote them as needed.

Completion of the "Design Set":

Your payment of the second 1/3 is due upon completion of the Design Set. (Floor Plans, Exterior Elevations, etc.)

Fee Schedule:

As you can imagine, we get many people that come asking about plans that are just looking for ideas and are not yet serious about completing the design. As a result, we require a retainer. We split our fee into three sections to give you security in our product and to give us security in payment.


Your payment of 1/3 of the project fee authorizes Detailed Drafting & Design to begin.