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We have developed a process that greatly speeds up the design while allowing our clients full freedom to modify their home as much as they want as they go through the design process.

We have split it into 3 phases.

Design Phases

All major design decisions are made at this point (modifications that change the total square footage or displace rooms).

(Includes: Cover Sheet, Floor Plans, Roof Plan, Exterior Elevations):  Once the floor plans and basic concept are approved, we move on to the “Design Set” where the exterior and roof drawings are completed. At this stage we will make sure every wall, window, door, and room is just the way you want it before moving on to Construction Drawings.

(Includes: Cover Sheet, Floor Plans, Roof Plan, Electrical Plan, Exterior Elevations, Building Section(s), Typical Wall Section, and Site Plan):  After you approve the Design Drawings your Construction Drawings will be created. At this stage, we move from “what the home will look like” to “how it will be built,” doing drawings like Electrical Schematic, Building Section, Wall Section, etc. Once the Construction Drawings are approved, we will issue the “For Construction Set”

Occasionally we have a client that would like to start over with an entirely different idea or step back a stage after approval. We do recommend that you end up with your dream home even if it means a whole new idea. But as you would expect, the pricing would need to step back to that stage also. This process has worked very well to make our clients happy with their new home and has allowed us to keep our pricing low.

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